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Employers must understand and comply with a variety of federal, state, and local laws that prevent workplace discrimination and harassment.  Many of these laws also prohibit retaliation in response to employees engaging in “protected activity,” such as opposing unlawful workplace practices or participating in efforts to investigate and enforce the laws prohibiting such practices.

In addition to the laws that govern hiring and workplace conduct, employers need to navigate the federal and state standards on how to properly classify workers (as W-2 employees vs. 1099 contractors), as well as the “wage and hour” statutes that require full and timely payment of employee wages.  Failure to comply with these laws can result in damages, penalties, and fees that far outweigh any perceived wage savings.

We counsel employers to help minimize the risk of workplace disputes, misclassification, and non-compliant behavior.

When disputes arise, we help businesses resolve them informally and amicably.  If a dispute requires formal proceedings, we defend our clients in state and federal court, as well as mediation and arbitration.  We are licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.


Our ultimate goal is to help our business clients grow and succeed.  We pursue that goal on several fronts:

We audit and improve our clients’ core business documents, including (among many) employment agreements, customer forms, and B2B contracts.  Sometimes these documents are incomplete or inadequate.  Other times, even well-drafted agreements must be updated to reflect business developments or changes in the law.  For clients that have yet to put together their necessary business documents, we can identify and construct those materials.

We also aggressively enforce our client’s contractual and other legal rights, by pursuing payment or other claims against customers or business partners that violate their obligations.  If informal negotiations are ineffective, we are prepared to move forward in state and federal courts in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, as well as mediation and arbitration forums.

Finally, and most fundamentally, we strategize and counsel on your most critical employment and business decisions, so each client can reach its potential.  Our greatest reward is being your “partner in law.” 

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