Volin Employment Law, PLLC is your business lawyer for employment and commercial agreements and disputes.

We help businesses and employers

We help businesses and employers from formation to exit, and during each phase of growth.

We counsel clients on how to avoid disputes or resolve them informally. If formal proceedings are necessary, we aggressively represent our clients in litigation, arbitration, and agency proceedings.

We serve as your business lawyer for employment and other corporate issues.

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We help employees and contractors

We help employees and contractors with the most important contracts in their career.

Employment offers and independent contractor agreements define your rights and obligations. Separation and release agreements often impact your future and limit how you can advance your career.

We advise you on these critical agreements to help you negotiate terms you deserve.

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Lawyer for Business Start-Up

Engage a business law firm to help you start properly and establish owner rights and duties.

Business formation attorney

Operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and bylaws

Counseling on leasing, licensing, permits and insurance


Business Contract Lawyer

Build strong contracts to grow and protect your business.

Employment contract lawyer

Small business contract lawyer

Commercial contract lawyer

Severance agreement lawyer

Contract negotiation lawyer


Business Dispute Lawyer

Try to reach a settlement and avoid going to court or other formal tribunals.

Dispute avoidance counseling

Informal negotiations for business disputes

Consultation on breach of contracttorts, and statutory violations

Non-binding mediation


Business Litigation Lawyer

Secure representation in litigation, arbitration, or agency proceedings to protect your interests.

Representation for business litigation

Breach of contract and tort lawyer

Mandatory arbitration

Agency proceedings



Fair Contract Terms

Get help negotiating the contracts that have the biggest impact on your career.

Offer letters and employment agreements

Independent contractor agreements

Stand-alone agreements and policies

Separation and release agreements

Severance payments

Freedom to Work

Understand and negotiate the restrictions on how you work, and learn about your options.

Non-compete agreements

Non-solicitation agreements

Non-disclosures agreements (NDAs)

Non-disparagement and non-interference clauses

Understanding Rights and Claims

Identify possible workplace claims and your options moving forward.

Violation of workplace rights

√ Wrongful termination

Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation

Breach of contract and tort claims

√ Mediation, arbitration, and litigation


Below are some client testimonials and attorney endorsements. We are proud to have earned each one.


"I run a people-based business and having Rich as a resource is very relieving. Highly recommend."

- Phil H.


"Getting a business up and running presents numerous challenges and obstacles to navigate. . . . Rich provides the greatest value for the communication, transparency, and attention to detail his firm offers."



"Rich is a thoughtful and approachable attorney who is well-respected in the Northern Virginia legal community. . . . I would not hesitate to recommend a business owner to Rich for legal advice or litigation representation."

- Kathryn L.


"I believe that Richard’s unique combination of tenacity, knowledge, and interpersonal skills yields excellent results, and I would not hesitate to work with him again."

- Gary R.

"Of 30 years of experience in working with many attorneys. . . . Rich Volin has been one of the smartest with a brilliant tactical mind, keen attention to details and complete dedication to his client's needs . . ."
- Sanjay S.
"Rich is a fantastic employment lawyer. . . . His knowledge of employment law is superb, he hunted down the precedents and wrote powerful communications that turned my situation around."
- David S.

"Rich was key in working through an emotionally charged matter. . . . His attention to detail is excellent. I believe his strategy significantly improved the final outcome. Highly recommended."

 - John C.


"I've referred employment cases to Richard, trusting that his empathy, in-depth knowledge of the law, and experience would serve the client well."

- Richard D.


"Rich Volin is excellent. He reviewed my ten-year, franchise renewal agreement and offered a variety of suggestions to provide business and financial independence. . . . He is a creative thought partner and I am grateful he is a resource."

- Sandra H.


"I have volunteered with Rich for many years. . . . I recommend Rich to anyone with questions regarding labor and employment law matters."

- Michael L.


"Rich is a thoughtful, insightful lawyer who is often able to approach a difficult issue with a fresh perspective to keep the litigation moving forward."

- Adam S.


"I strongly recommend Rich for startup transactional and business litigation work. He's also a great asset, if you're established and in career transition."

- Elliott A.


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Volin Employment Law, PLLC is your business law firm for employment and commercial agreements and disputes.

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