We help clients navigate their most important business and career decisions.


Employment disputes.

We counsel employees regarding wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, wage issues, and other workplace disputes.  If we cannot resolve your issues informally, we aggressively advocate on your behalf in state or federal court, arbitration, or mediation.

Employment transition.

We help employees transition between career opportunities.  We negotiate separation, release, and new employment agreements, and help you understand non-compete and other restrictive covenants – so you can protect your career and your future.

Protecting business rights.

We defend responsible employers against workplace claims.  More importantly, we help put the right contracts and culture in place to minimize the risk of disputes.  We also prosecute your rights against people and businesses that violate their obligations to you.

Growing Entrepreneurs.

Our ultimate goal is to help you grow and succeed. We offer a trained eye for your documents, and trusted counsel on the legal aspects of your business.  Together, we strategize on your critical decisions, so you can reach your potential.  


Below are the areas in which we can help you.
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Workplace Discrimination
Unlawful discrimination based on membership in a protected class.
Unwanted workplace conduct that may become unlawful.
Illegal responses to protected activity, such as reporting harassment.
Wage Issues
Payment of full and timely wages under state and federal law.
Business Disputes
Aggressive advocacy in state and federal litigation, mediation, and arbitration.
The agreements that govern your conduct, rights, and obligations.
Separation Agreements
The terms and releases that protect your business and career upon separation.
Restrictive Covenants
Non-compete, non-solicitation, and other provisions critical to your future.
Business Formation
Starting with the right strategy and company structure.
Employer v. Contractor
Properly classifying and treating workers under state and federal law.
Employment Terms
Providing the appropriate benefits and leave required by law.
Entrepreneur Growth
The strategy and professionals you need to take control, grow, and thrive.


Your facts and your goals drive everything.



First, we discuss the facts of your situation so we can evaluate your case and construct a strategy.

Call us at (703) 988-1460, or schedule an initial consultation.


For disputes, we identify your claims and defenses, and often prepare a demand letter or response.  For contracts, we improve existing documents and draft new materials you may need.  For business planning, we evaluate short- and long-term goals, and how to reach them.


With a strategy in place, we move forward – with litigation, contract work, or legal counsel on business and growth.  We can also help you navigate the issues of a growing entrepreneur, such as intellectual property, estate planning, commercial real estate, exit planning, and more.


The experience to address your disputes, your documents, and your growth.

Richard M. Volin
Richard M. Volin


(703) 988-1460

Admitted in VA, MD, DC, and NJ

Education: The George Washington University Law School (J.D., 1996); The University of Michigan (B.A., 1991)

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Know Your Options

I have 20 years of litigation experience. I know how to identity your options and choose the right strategy.  I work with clients to find ways to resolve disputes amicably, with as little cost and disruption as possible.  Sometimes that means informal negotiations, mediation, or arbitration.

Move Forward With Authority

When formal proceedings are necessary, I represent my clients with commitment and passion. I have prosecuted claims for individuals and businesses in state and federal courts, and arbitration. I have also defended challenges to corporate and individual conduct.


I help employees with important career choices.  I guide them through separation agreements and releases, non-competes, non-solicitations and other restrictive covenants.  If you are transitioning employment, I can help you protect your rights and your future.


I work with new and established businesses on their short- and long-term goals.  I help with corporate formation and organization, as well as company growth and the resulting array of contracts.  I also work with clients to build the professional team members they need to service such growth.


Kind words from our clients.

“Rich was key in working through an emotionally charged matter. At every step, he was clear about the options and their ramifications, always emphasizing the desired resolution. His attention to detail is excellent. I believe his strategy significantly improved the final outcome. Highly recommended.


Of 30 years of experience in working with many attorneys . . . Rich Volin has been one of the smartest with a brilliant tactical mind, keen attention to details and complete dedication to his client’s needs (working on evenings and weekends). When you hire Rich, no matter what the issue, you will have a very capable and caring attorney protecting and fighting for your interests.”


“Rich is a fantastic employment lawyer. . . . He is patient, attentive and gives outstanding counsel. His knowledge of employment law is superb, he hunted down the precedents and wrote powerful communications that turned my situation around.”




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